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"We are the Salt of the Earth, Light of the World"

                                                                            -Matthew 5:13




Every infant is unique. What all infants share is a need for great health and safety; warm, loving relationships with primary caregivers; and care that is responsive to their individual difference.


We accept infants ranging in ages from 0 - 17 months.

Trust Your Infant to Us

We understand your child's needs

You will be satisfied with the services at Stirring Up Gifts Children Center. Our staff members are responsive caregivers. They observe the infant's needs and fulfill them with patience and care.

Call Stirring Up Gifts Children Center, the only 24/7 childcare center in Channelview and surrounding areas!


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Teaching and Caring Occur Together from the Beginning of Life:

  • Infants learn the rhythm of speech

  • Infants learn social rules

  • Infants learn the meaning of facial expressions

  • Infants learn how people respond to their communication and behavior